Marketing Trends 2020

1. More companies will be utilizing voice search to optimize consumer experiences
According to Comsearch over 50% of all searches will be from voice

Why is this important
• Improves user experience
• Improved Search Rankings
• Continual Growth into the future

2. Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation is expected to grow at a rate of 8.55% this 2020, according to emailmonday 51% of companies are already utilizing Automation in some form with 58% looking to start.

Why is automation important
• A diverse range of applications to grow your business
• Tools that leverage your user data to optimize your sales
• Ability to better create personalized content directly catered toward your customer segments

3. Personalization
Users experiencing will become more personalized and relatable, with sites opting to build around your social and buying patterns

Why is this important
• Higher Conversation Rates
• Better Connection with your customers
• Retention of your current customers

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