5 Areas to Focus your Marketing Efforts First

Marketing/advertising needs to be at pace with the rapidly evolving technology in order to be effective. Shifts in trends and development of the socio-economic landscape go hand in hand with technology and marketing. The question that marketers and innovators consistently ask themselves is how can varied tools be effectively integrated so that the brand/service can be sustainably scaled.

Here are five ways to focus on marketing efforts to improve sustainable growth.


Technology has evolved and transformed to fine-tune and personalize messages across different channels and platforms. Consumers have no patience for content (online or offline) that is generic or irrelevant to them. Marketers need to provide personalized and specific content to engage, convert, and retain consumers. Integrating AI and predictive content, marketers need to ensure that each consumer receives the right information and content for them. Predictive content must be incorporated across all channels, including email and web content, to ensure sustainability.

Audit attribution

One of the biggest hurdles for any marketer is the inability to prove or communicate the impact of campaigns on financial outcomes. Marketing campaigns across any channel requires a lot of resources and investment. A comprehensive and accurate marketing attribution system is essential to monitor and improve performance and innovation. Irrespective of how complex or long your customer journey might be, it needs to be mapped completely. Every interaction across channels, touch-points, programs, etc. Needs to be defined and mapped.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing should be an integral part of any marketing campaign or plan. Most emails are opened on mobile devices, these days. Use text messages, push notifications, mobile apps and mobile-friendly web pages to your advantage. A mobile app or a website optimized for mobile viewing is crucial to a successful marketing strategy.

Sales and marketing

One of the simplest and most effective growth strategies is to cohesively align sales and marketing teams. Miscommunication or disconnect between sales and marketing will lead a loss of customer retention. By simply integrating marketing and sales data, customer experience can be customized, improved, and prolonged. There should be a marketing automation platform that helps teams to share information and collaborate.

It will require the careful integration of different technologies and communication processes, the successful implementation of which will ensure steady and sustainable growth.

Long-term performance

Short-term metrics like weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals are important and necessary to keep things fresh, to innovate, to be creative. However, marketing plans should also account for long-term trends to sustain and enhance growth opportunities. Existing data should be used effectively predict future trends in customer behavior. Predictive analysis relies heavily on AI and machine learning. The data gleaned from such analysis can help marketers understand which product combinations, engagement patterns, campaigns appeal to which kind of consumer.

Marketers need to be able to assess long-term trends in order to design and incorporate productive and ingenious strategies. It also helps marketers create a cohesive and consistent brand image that is easily recognizable and iconic.

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