Case Study: Building a Platform to help Small Business Owners Grow

ECOP (Employers’ Confederation of the Philippines) has recently been part of ongoing growth programs in key regions in the Philippines, funding was provided by several organizations for projects that could help educate individuals, develop their skillsets, and grow employment for skilled labor in these regions. Become Digital Today had the honor of submitting a project idea, that would help stimulate these initiatives.

Over an extended period we developed a platform that had several key technologies that employers could utilize to help grow their digital presence and attract new business, while at the same time reaping the benefits of ECOP. The project that came to be is, which will be an ongoing project.

The platform bolsters the following

  • A job board for both employers and job seekers
  • Business directory with business profiles
  • Business Spotlight for exceptional businesses
  • E-learning to help grow skillsets in the region
  • Shop Local initiative with several blogs focused on localized news, deals, and more brining local businesses to the forefront
  • A forum to discuss pending issues
  • A bot equipped with numerous helpful information regarding labor and employment in the Philippines.
  • Marketing services for member businesses

The platforms core purpose is to fill a gap that many small businesses have, which is creating a digital presence and leveraging technology in a productive manner. Currently the platform will go live in the province of Batangas and with success roll out across the different ECOP chapters nationally.

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