Case Study: Drones In the Philippines

We were tasked with generating sales for a drone producer in the Philippines. Due to some issues, they were unable to produce their own e-commerce site. Thus, we had to utilize the sales channels that already existed. Lazada was the top pick as it was the most recognized e-commerce brand in the Philippines at the time.

Our growth strategy focused on three main areas

1. Consistent content that catered specifically to the local market
2. Influencer outreach and blog outreach
3. 30-second Video Ads

With one SKU posted on Lazada for 1,200 PHP, we were about to produce 600,000 PHP revenue with a minimal marketing budget within a 60 day period. Due to this, the product was consistently added to Lazada branded sales as it was ranked one of the most popular in its category.

Our core strategy was to build consistent content around the products to create brand awareness for consumers. We backed this by engaging with fans by doing giveaways that encouraged them to share the page with their friends and family, in return for free merchandise.

Much of the content that was posted to social media was custom produced, focused on education, use cases, and highly engaging to fans.

We were given a set amount of product to distribute, so we focused on local influencers, who were tapped and offered the product for free in return for posts on social media, tech blogs were given the product for review, and we leveraged working with drone pilots who were already affluent in the market.

The product became well known as local influencers began posting it on their channels with the same hashtag, several of the larger known tech blogs provided reviews which resulted in an uptick of traffic and link backs to a blog page we created, and the local drone pilots introduced the product at events flying them for fans.

Using a single 30-second video ad that was produced in-house by our video editor Chad we were able to do the following. The video had a call to action button leading to the Lazada page we were able to produce 833 link clicks with a CTR of 3.56%, CPC of 3.05 PHP, with a 49.83% watch rate. The budget for the ad was 2,500 PHP.

Case Study: Drones In the Philippines

The Lazada page was highly customized with appealing pictures, informative videos, and customer support details.

We backed our 30-second video ads with an ongoing carousel ad showcasing the product in use that ran for the length of the campaign, the ad received 6,336 link clicks with a CTR of 2.63%, CPC of 1.83 PHP, and generated over 240,000 impressions with a budget of 11,000 PHP.

Case Study: Drones In the Philippines

The campaign was highly successful with consistent orders being generated, organic brand growth, brand familiarity and it opened the local market to the introduction of several more SKUs from the brand. The original SKU remained the top seller out of the all the SKUs introduced, even after the campaign had ended bringing consistent sales for several months after.

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