Case Study: Helping an Automotive Oil Company Grow their Sales Reach

When this company contacted BDT, they were looking to grow the number of vendors using their products, their brand awareness, and begin receiving digital sales. When onboarding the only communication channel that they had was Facebook, and it was lacking any kind of real growth.

We came up with a strategy using Facebook marketing and the creation of a new website. With the use of ads, we could significantly grow their follower base at the same time reaching out to 300 plus potential vendors who came in via lead forms.

Having talked to them, they estimated that out of the total leads generated about 30% of them ended up qualifying and selling the product drastically creating a jump in sales, brand awareness, and market penetration. Shortly after we ran a messenger campaign that drove numerous inbound sales.

Below you can find the results from the marketing campaigns, which all had great success.

Case Study: Helping an Automotive Oil Company Grow their Sales Reach
The website is still an ongoing production, but once finished will act as a full-blown e-commerce platform with the ability to book oil changes right to your door. You can check it out for yourself at

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