Creating a digital brand for new business owners

Face it, starting a business is not a walk in the park. It takes time, consistency, and a day in day out grind. Most entrepreneurs jump in eager to make money. Quickly realizing that running a business is not at all glamorous like portrayed on social media. With this realization comes the understanding that a business strategy is sorely needed.

Where to start? The one thing that all brands need is trust with their target demographic. Consumers will avoid you, moving to your well-known competitor because your brand has no identity or recognition. In a sea of competition, you must learn how to stand out!

The new kid on the block

Creating a digital brand for new business owners

Being the new kid on the block, you need to make a name for yourself. There is no better way to do this, then utilizing the readily available tools. Almost every new business has a facebook page in today’s market. The good ones have a facebook page with enticing content. It’s not enough to create a page you need to grow your page. Start with your friends, ask that they share it to their networks, give your new followers incentive to share.


Engage, Engage, Engage

Creating a digital brand for new business owners

Now you have followers, how do you keep them interacting with your page? Content is key. Not just copying and pasting links from other pages, we’re talking custom-tailored content that speaks directly to your audience. You need to define and understand your audience to create a brand message that resonates with them. Define your customer personas (who, what, when, why) and build content around that.


What do you mean people are searching for me on Google!

Creating a digital brand for new business owners

Thousands and thousands of people are searching at this moment. They’re looking for their next meal, services, buying products, and more. And as of the present, you are nowhere to be found. At the least, you should have a Google My Business page. A free service offered by Google that will give you organic traffic, provide customers with your company details, and allow customers to review your establishment or services.


You need a website it’s 2019!

Creating a digital brand for new business owners

Remember all those people searching on google? They need a way to find you, meaning you need a website. A website is perhaps the most powerful branding tool you can have. It personifies your brand, becoming a focal point for traffic from social media, search engines, back linkers, and advertisements.

For additional information about starting a website read


Your website should have a blog

Creating a digital brand for new business owners

Want to increase your chances of being found on Google? A blog is a great place to start providing your customers with content that is informative, insightful, and shareable. Blogs give your customers a reason to visit your website and share with their audiences. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of having a blog is the ability to position yourself as an industry expert.


Know your customer

Creating a digital brand for new business owners

Now that you have a website and facebook page with content, you need to understand your customer’s behavior. Your website needs analytical tools like Google Analytics and a Facebook Pixel. These tools allow you to monitor many different aspects of your audience. You will be able to see locations, time spent on site, pages visited, demographics, etc.


Make your data work for you

Creating a digital brand for new business owners

Data is power, use it wisely. You now have enough information to target your audience with advertisements through channels like facebook and google. Use the data to know times to interact, which pages on your site our popular, ages to target, interests, and more.


You’re Growing

Creating a digital brand for new business owners

You are now a full-fledged brand equipped with all the tools for success. Facebook has fed your audience with content, having a website allows customers to find you, blogging made you an expert, and customer data is in hand for audience models. You’re ready to go to the next level.

You have officially Become Digital Today!

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