Creating Content for Every Stage of the Buyers Journey

Every buyer goes through a  journey involving research and assessment before they decide to invest in your products and services. By creating appropriate content as part of your digital marketing strategies, you can make sure you are the first company that comes to their mind when they are ready to buy.

In other words, you position yourself as an industry leader by providing value to your customers continuously. Given below is all the information you need to know for creating content for every stage of the buyer’s journey:

Buyers Journey -Awareness stage

In this part of the marketing funnel, your potential customers are looking for insight. They may want answers, research studies, or any other resources which help them understand how to resolve a problem. As not every prospect would be aware of your brand, you need the right digital marketing strategies to improve your visibility.

An effective way to target buyers in the awareness stage is to run a blog. Here, you can address issues and provide invaluable content depending on their pain points. Through social media marketing, you get the platform to promote all your content.

As there is an increase in video consumption, focusing on creating content in this style can make your business look relevant. Instructional videos allow you to resolve issues creatively while capturing the attention of your target audience. Webinars and e-books are also excellent tools for digital marketing, especially when potential customers need access to extensive information on specific problems.

Buyers Journey –Evaluation stage 

When buyers are at the evaluation stage, they are doing extensive research to understand what products and services they need to resolve their issues. During this phase, they will be looking at what you and your competitors have to offer. They will compare the rates of the products and services, to understand which company is the best as per their requirements.

In this stage, the buyers are looking for extensive information, along with reviews to make the right evaluation. As a result, it becomes crucial to differentiate yourself from your competition. The content you create should focus on solving your customer pain points. At the same time, you should also highlight why should choose you, over your competitors.

Providing case studies, comprehensive blog posts, FAQs, comparison charts, industry reports, in-depth guides, and white papers are excellent digital marketing strategies. If you can also showcase social proof, it can help cement the buyer’s decision in your favor.

Buyers Journey – Decision stage

What happens during this phase will whether the buyer chooses your products and services or the offerings of your competitors. Keep in mind that the other two stages also play a crucial role in influencing the actions of consumers.

During this phase, you have to make sure the buyers have zero reasons why they should choose other products and services over yours. Convincing them that you are providing the best solution to resolve their problems is vital.

When creating content for the decision stage, think about how you can show your products and services are unique. For instance, you can provide a free trial where buyers can get to use your solutions for a specific period. With this tactic, consumers can determine whether your offerings can solve their issues. If it checks all the boxes, there is a high chance you will convert them into paying customers.

With these digital marketing strategies for creating content, you can make sure you are present at every stage of the buyers’ journey. Make sure you try out these tools for digital marketing suggestions and see what works for your business. Remember, when creating content for guiding the buyers, make sure you consider all factors unique to your business. With this approach, you can come up with a solution that will give you excellent conversion metrics!


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