Digital Marketing for 2020

Digital Marketing for 2020 has moved towards smarter applications, and technological advancements, as digital marketing strengthens further. It has more than merely a buzzword today; and has come up as a marketing imperative for brands and businesses to stay competitive, and target customers. Digital marketing has universal impact; thanks to IoT (Internet of Things). Supply chain management, oil and gas, retail chains or markets & finance, digital marketing strategies are powering initiative at each level.

Notably, the digital space has become more crowded than ever; millions of innovative digital campaigns, social media marketing initiatives, and content distribution tactics were launched that added edge to existing marketing channels. Erstwhile marketing channels like print publishing are also depending on digital initiatives to generated relevant interest.

Billions of businesses have their social media presence sorted already and their initiatives in 2020 will become more inventive, interactive, and grow exponentially. Since digital marketing is both mystifying yet exciting to implement and generate results; its main focus on ROI makes it ever-relevant.

We say that these major tactics will impact digital marketing strategies to meet the business goals for 2020:

  • Continuous expansion of social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, combined in various packages to reach target audiences. Influencer marketing will also stretch its presence further in the annual marketing plans to reach expected business objectives.
  • Innovative application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to redefine customer experience. Product development and sales. Each initiative will be goal-oriented and more personalized, as it will be backed by AI algorithms. Additionally, the unpredictability of product impact will be controlled to great extent.
  • Digital marketing to cover interactive content and communication strategies that will be utilized to target new customer bases, arising in the market every bi-annually. Polls, quizzes, contests will become integral to the plans.
  • Bots to shoulder the remaining load of interacting with the customer. So, whether it would be an online chatbot to guide customers or simply a bot designed specifically to interact with the intended audience for a single product or service, the reliability on bots will continue to increase.
  • Messenger marketing will gain more ground in the coming years. Serving as a direct channel for customer interaction, we will be witnessing many more advancements personalized messenger interactions containing videos and content in the near future.
  • The emergence of service-specific applications should be on the cards, as part of digital marketing strategy, in order to serve a single purpose; say – a concierge application to ease out check-ins for a corporate event.

A considerable amount of unpredictability involved in debuting digital marketing tricks and tact, owing to customer behavior, which tosses and turns within minutes. There is a lot of independence and immense scope to design campaigns and produce new strategies to target different sets of customer bases and make use of data chunks. Combining it with social media channel publishing and distribution, the marketing initiatives of products and brands have become more potent and result-oriented.

Evidentially, as the digital ecosystem continues to expand and customer interest is at peak. The continuum of new-age digital marketing tactics and strategies is escalating. Internal teams are no more in limbo and can confidently forage into new spheres. Soon, every marketing goal will be possible when implemented on a digital platform, by simply integrating a small application.

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