How to tell your brand’s story?

It is getting really crowded in the customers minds.

Every other brand is trying to impress its potential customers that it is indeed the one made for them.  So, in such a crowded world, how does one get the attention of the fickle minded customer? How can a brand convey its attributes in such a clutter? How can a brand convince the customer that it is indeed the right choice that they should be making?

This is indeed the dilemma being faced by brands every day. One of the most important and the most tried & tested route to establish a brand it to tell its brand story. Deep inside, humans are social animals and even after having evolved so much, we still love to hear stories – inspirational, tragic, mythological, awe-inspiring.

This is exactly the nerve that brand should catch to become successful – tell your brand story and tell it right!

But how exactly does one do it? We at Become Digital Today have dealt with brands, most of whom had stories behind them, but did not tell their brand story right. After understanding them in details, Become Digital Today has re-launched these brands successfully and the results are there for all to see. Let us look at some simple yet effective steps that we take whenever we come across a struggling brand. 

Don’t tell them, show them

Rather than rattling off your attributes that hardly matter to customers in solving their everyday problems, show them those which will really solve some of them. this can be done in a humorous way or a sentimental way or any other way that you deem fit. One of the most glaring examples of this is the communication developed by non-profit organisations. Their messages always show both an issue and a solution to tackle it, thereby inspiring the potential customers (donor) to invest in the brand.

Engage long-term

The brand story should not end just after the first engagement; it should stay long term and solve customer issues repeatedly. Some of the classic examples here are that of FMCG companies. Every year or two, they change their communication and brands look and feel, but retain the same brand story. They just enumerate the story in a different way, but the brand story remains unchanged. This way, the customer does not feel bored and the brand is always fresh in the customer’s minds.

Stay consistent

When you choose to promote a particular brand story to propagate, then ensure that you stay consistent in communicating it. Customers don’t appreciate frequent changes. They also don’t appreciate frequent brand story changes. While they are ok with the way the brand story is being told, they are not OK if there are any changes in the brand story. Remember, there are other brands with their own stories waiting on the sidelines to take your place. So, be sure that you stick to the original brand story and keep on refreshing it over time.

Be an effective story teller

Having a great brand story alone is not important. It is equally important how one tells it. This is where the selection of tools that enhance or influence things like brand image, media mix, personalisation etc come into picture. The way a brand story is being told should be strong enough to elicit the required response from the customer. Only effective brand story tellers succeed in the long run.

Research your audience and create a story accordingly

Knowing your audience, their characteristics, their behaviour, needs and wants is crucial before creating and communicating a brand story. This is where brands need experienced partners to chart the right path. Become Digital Today has worked with multiple brands and has mastered this piece of the puzzle. With our experience have transformed brands and have created strong stories that have consistently delivered.

Having explained the importance of a brand story, it is worth keeping in mind that the brand has to also deliver on the promises made. History is full of examples where brands promised its customers the moon, but failed when it came to actual delivery. Customers react brutally towards such brands as they feel cheated.

So, what we at Become Digital Today always advise our clients is to be always honest about their brand story and not to over promise. After all, it is always a good policy to under promise and over deliver rather than the other way round!

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