How virtual assistants can grow your business


Your business is growing and you have a consistent stream of revenue coming in. Yet, you’re feeling overwhelmed and like most, in your position, you’re considering hiring extra talent to ease the workload. Although work is busy at the moment, you know in your line of business that this can quickly change. How do you hire someone affordably with the skills you need, who can work when needed? The answer is to hire a virtual assistant (VA).

What exactly is a virtual assistant? Virtual assistants are remote workers who do work for you. They are more affordable and flexible than hiring employees, with some having specialized skills and training. Skill ranges vary with many taking tedious jobs off of your plate like data entry, updating customer relationship management tools, emailing customers on your behalf, social media management, etc.

More advanced VA’s will be able to create content, manage website back ends, cold calling, and other related skills.
Scale Like a Pro
With remote work becoming more mainstream, having a remote team is not such an uncommon occurrence anymore. By using virtual assistants you cut the need for extra overhead (office space, computers, office equipment, tools, etc), along with lowering your overhead you pay far less hourly or per project then you would be retaining someone on staff full time, you can delegate non-essential tasks giving yourself and team the ability to focus on core tasks like MAKING MONEY.
Finding Virtual Talent
We talked about this prior in A Business Essential Guide to Building Digital Marketing Remote Teams. You can find an almost endless stream of locations that will help you find the talent that you need.
The most well known are sites that introduce you to freelancer’s who can offer to do work for you.
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Guru
  • Odesk
  • Elance 
  • People Per an Hour
Yet, with groups on Facebook becoming more affluent on the social channel finding talent within your similar niche has become easy. In many groups posting your need is enough for you to receive a barrage of inquiries.
Remember, when hiring talent it doesn’t have to be a short term work only. If you find the individual your working with to be competent and fits your needs, it’s easy to offer them a long term position working with you regularly.
Most recently Become Digital Today has launched their own VA service at
Things to consider before hiring your new assistant
Like any other employee that is receiving pay, you need to ensure that there qualified. For instance, Become Digital Today has a vetting system in place. The system requires an interview, resume submission, technology check, and submission of written work and verbal introductions. This information is open to clients as well as a conference call where the virtual assistant and employer can make sure they are on the same page.
On top of this many sites include skills training and assessment, to ensure the quality of the assistants.
Grow your business with Virtual Assistants
Start saving time, money, and resources by outsourcing your non-essential or time-consuming work to remote professional assistants.
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