Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2020 – Guide to transform your approach

Social media was quite the game-changer, as it transformed the way everyone interacts, consumes, buys, and sells with consumers and businesses. Although platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have been around for a while, that doesn’t mean you can use the same techniques repeatedly.

When it comes to social media marketing strategy for 2020, you need to adapt to the times, to make the most of what these sites have to offer to your business. Use the guide below to reshape your techniques:

Check out other platforms

Most companies who have a social media strategy will focus on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as these platforms have an enormous userbase. However, the younger audience members are moving towards newer sites, such as TikTok. In 2019, the platform’s app recorded over 738 million downloads worldwide.

For B2B companies TikTok may not seem like a great option. However, for B2C organizations, this social media platform is a great place to invest. Relatively new to the market in comparison to the popular sites, it will continue to attract new users.

For those in the e-commerce space, Pinterest should be part of your social media marketing strategy for 2020. It is a great place to run advertisements for your new products as you get higher returns from your campaigns. Reaching out to an audience that isn’t on the popular platforms will give you new ways to share and improve the reach of your content.

Get on the social media contest train

Since you have been in the social media marketing strategy game, you have been focusing on increasing the number of followers. It makes sense, as you can reach out to a larger target audience, which translates into more people purchasing your products or services.

However, your social media marketing strategy for 2020 will have to change as the industry is moving towards establishing stronger connections and engaging with consumers. Building a community will help improve your brand image, give your easy access to customer feedback, and get new followers over time.

One way is through social media contests with incentives for consumers. Make sure the offers you provide are of value to your target audience. For example, the winner of the competition will feature on your website.

Master the art of making videos

You need to start focusing on producing video content as part of your social media marketing strategy for 2020. Research shows that 54% of consumers want the business they support to create video content.

As there is a significant demand for videos, ignoring this trend can impact your business negatively. In a generation that requires visual stimulation, you can get the attention of your target audience with this social media marketing strategy for 2020. Coupled with live video, you get to relatable and direct with your customers. Try your hand at both short and long-form video content, to see which ones click with your target audience.

The right social media marketing strategy for 2020 will help you become steer away from your competitors and stand out. Test the ones highlighted above and implement the best ones to gain new customers!

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