10 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Digital Marketing

So, finally you were able to convince your boss to get on-board the digital train which has already started accelerating at a break-neck speed. Now is the time to introduce him to some basic digital marketing principles that will enable your organisation to succeed in the digital world and also allow you to score some brownie points in return!

Here are 10 Things Your Boss Needs to Know About Digital Marketing

  1. Data Analytics: Every activity done in digital marketing produces enormous data. Unless one is able to analyse this data in the right way and use the inferences to ones advantage, the entire exercise is futile. In conventional marketing, getting performance data itself was a task, let alone analysing and then benefiting from it. But Digital marketing is different. The more you analyse, the better is your success probability.
  2. Paid Social Media: When it was started, Social Media was a free marketing too. in certain cases, it was indeed an ideal tool to reach a very targeted audience. However, today social media is a paid tool, but the efficacy has not gone down at all. So, while some still believe that Social media can be used at no cost, it is not the scenario anymore.  
  3. Email Marketing: Email marketing had started with a bang, but lost out its sheen a bit in the middle. But with newer tools, email marketing is making a comeback with a bang! Infact, subscription based emails are on the rise as compared to the pushed mass email variety. Analysis of the performance is the key to this newfound success.
  4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM): The primary condition for success in the digital world is that your digital asset needs to content rich. it should be able to grab customers attention organically to improve visit frequency and duration. However, besides the organic SEO, SEM too needs to be used. SEM is the paid version of SEO where customers are encouraged to visit your website for their searches at a cost.
  5. Managing various platforms: In the conventional form of marketing, it was all about managing your agency right. But in an evolving digital world, even the agency is learning. Hence, it makes sense to get your self acquainted with important tools like Google/Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights, HootSuite, Mail Chimp, etc to stay with the curve, if not ahead.
  6. Content and its Marketing: Besides creating the right content, it is important to market and disseminate this content rightly. Choosing the right channel for content marketing is as important as the content itself.
  7. Go Mobile: Smartphone usage worldwide is on the rise. Infact, it is predicted that in the next few years, smartphone and other mobile devices will emerge as the primary medium for accessing the digital world. So, the time to get ready for this second revolution is NOW!
  8. Power of Viral: As a marketer, you can reach a limited number of customers through organic and paid means. However, if the content is right, then viral marketing will make it go far beyond even your imagination. Viral marketing is akin to word-of-mouth in the traditional world. The difference being the enormous speed and scale, which the conventional marketing can’t even imagine.
  9. Visual Media: Digital started with textual content, but is now moving towards visual content. The ease of access and improving data speeds are the primary drivers for this changeover. So, while some are still grappling with text, the scenario is already changing.
  10. Speed to Market: Unlike the conventional Marketing, the Digital world is a very agile beast that works at supersonic speeds. Hence, one needs to be ready to think and implement things also at that speed. The speed to market is the fastest for digital media and hence your manager needs to change his gears, fast!

So, while it may sound arcane and extremely difficult at the outset, rest assured that with a right partner your manager can conquer the digital world. And if there is a partner like Become Digital Today, then the journey can be much smoother as we are experts in all things mentioned above and more.

So, make the right choice and embark into this exciting journey called Digital with us.

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