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We are a team of passionate marketing experts with a wealth of experience in various industries and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape.

We believe that in today’s world, having a strong digital presence is no longer an option, but a necessity for businesses to succeed. That’s why we strive to provide our clients with innovative and effective solutions that will not only enhance their online presence but also drive tangible results.

At Become Digital Today, we approach each project with a strategic and data-driven mindset to ensure that our efforts are directed towards achieving your specific goals. Whether you’re looking to increase your website’s traffic, generate leads, or boost brand awareness, we’ve got you covered. 

We’re proud of our record of delivering measurable results for our clients, and we’re confident that we can do the same for you. Our team is always staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies to provide the best possible service to our clients.

When you work with us, you’ll be partnering with a team that truly cares about your success. We take the time to understand your business and your audience, so that we can craft custom solutions that deliver the results you need. Our goal is to help you grow your business and achieve your objectives, and we’re committed to being your partner in that journey.

Choose Become Digital Today and experience the benefits of working with a knowledgeable and results-driven digital marketing agency. Let’s start your digital transformation today!

About Rowena

Media Content Administrative / Social Media Marketer

Never underestimate the power of a fearless and creative marketer. ⁣⁣

Wens graduated as one of the Top Scholar Students and Magna Cum Laude at Polytechnic University of the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Communication.

She started her career as a Production Assistant to become a researcher for News and public affairs and documentaries on one of the biggest Philippine TV networks TV5. She also explored the BPO industry and then ended up in the Corporate world. Her background in customer service and retail marketing, and her desire for more enlightened ways to market led her to focus more on helping clients reach their marketing goals through intensive marketing strategies in both traditional and digital marketing. She handles the branding and social media marketing side of the business as well.

In addition to leveraging digital tools like email, websites, and social media, She is also the Co-Founder of Become Digital Today.

About Rojel

Graphic Design Professional

Rojel is a designer who will impress you with his creative skills. His background in graphic design, photography, and video production has given him the skills to help our clients create powerful and memorable brand identities such as logos, flyers, branding guides and kits, and promotional materials.

About Richard

Head of Video Production / Master Video Editor

Richard Solis is a master video editor with 15 years of experience in editing commercials, TV shows, Films, and documentaries. He has worked with multiple TV networks such as ABS-CBN, TV5, GMA, and NET 25, award-winning directors, producers, actors, and production agencies, and now conquering digital media platforms.

He’s a master of storytelling creating compelling methods in editing that engage your audience and inspire them to take action.

Chad has an intrinsic understanding of the post-production process as well as a deep knowledge of all aspects of the film and video-making process.

About Allaine

Web Designer and Digital Specialist

Allaine is a web designer with years of experience in UX and UI design. She’s passionate about her work and believes that good design is a powerful tool to help people to do what they want to do easier. She loves to create websites that are beautiful, and easy to use and always uses a personal approach to her designs that focuses on clients’ goals and targets.

About Christine

Marketing Analyst

She’s a marketing analyst who has a background in customer service and e-commerce platforms. Tin is skilled in consumer behavior and business process management, which leads to helping companies achieve their goals.

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