The Modern Rules of Digital Marketing

In 1967, when Prof. Philip Kotler first published his legendary book Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning and Control, little did he think about including digital marketing in it. However, while the basic principles of marketing as prescribed by Prof. Kotler still remain true, certain new rules of the game have emerged, specifically for the Digital marketing.

So what are these modern rules of Marketing?

  • Experiment hard:

Unlike traditional marketing, Digital is the place where one can experiment and get instant results. Brands must be ready to try out new things and also dump those which don’t seem to be responding.

  • Be updated:

Technology is changing very fast. Brands have to continuously update themselves because the customer is. Remaining connected with customer is great, but following the customer with old technology is an absolute No-No.

  • Listen first

Encourage your customer to talk at length. Don’t try to moderate the customers desire to speak. The brands primary responsibility is to listen first, not talk first.

  • Create Stories

Just like the pre-digital era, even today customers love stories. So, as a brand it is your duty to create stories and feed your consumers with one.

  • Focus on Visual Interface

Visual interface in the digital world is akin to your face. Brands have to look good, simple and easy to approach to be loved. Spend effort to make your visual interface as simple and as attractive as possible.

  • The fifth ‘P’

According to Prof. Kotler Marketing is all about the ‘4Ps’. In Digital Marketing, there is fifth ‘P’ – ‘Participation’. Always remember, brands that empower customer to participate are the ones which become successful. Participation provides customers with a sense of ownership and rewards brands with loyalty and patronage.

  • SEO First

Your website has the potential to rank higher in search rankings provided you make it right. SEO is the easiest and the most cost effective way to improving rankings. So get professional help to spruce up your SEO.

  • SEM ready

After SEO, SEM is next in line. Commonly known as ‘Paid Ads’, SEM is a paid activity to spruce up the website ranking on search pages. Also, include paid mobile marketing, social media Ads, re-marketing etc to boost your rankings.

  • Social Media

Man is a social animal and today the same can be seen with the flurry of activity on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc. Make sure that your brand has an active presence on social media channels relevant to you.

  • Right Content

This is the golden bullet that you will fire through various digital channels. It has to be relevant and engaging enough, so that your customers are left asking for more.

While it sounds very easy, remember you need experts like Become Digital Today to ensure that you have a strong digital presence. Only an expert can guide you to become successful in this Digital World which is changing very rapidly. Speak with us once, we are sure you will not regret.

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