Digital Marketing St Albans

Digital Marketing St Albans

By 2019, adults in the United Kingdom were spending an average of 25.1 hours on the internet every week, according to Statista. In the same year, Internet penetration in the UK was 87 percent, with over 90 percent of individuals using the internet every day. These statistics reveal that a majority of the UK public spends a significant amount of time each day searching for information, interacting, and sharing content on the internet. It, therefore, makes perfect sense for businesses to establish an online presence to reach their target audience.

At Maris Digital, we offer digital marketing in St Albans to local businesses looking to build an online presence. Our services help businesses to achieve goals like increasing leads, promoting new products or services, acquiring new customers, and driving sales.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing services provide businesses with a way to reach their target audience through search engines, social media, and text messaging. To decide which services are ideal for each business, we first identify its needs and how best to achieve the set goals. With this information, we set out to create a solid marketing strategy that incorporates various techniques to deliver the results our clients are aiming for.

Advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization, website design, and listing management make up our range of services. Digital advertising entails placing advertisements on online platforms where target consumers are bound to come across them.

We create display ads for websites, videos, articles, mobile applications, search engines, and more. The greatest advantage of digital ads is they’re shown to a specific audience whose online activity suggests an interest in the kind of products or services a business is offering. They’re also displayed alongside search results, leading to quality leads with a high likelihood of conversion.

Website Design and SEO

We offer website design in St. Albans to create an online ‘home’ for businesses. The website should always be the end destination after a consumer discovers a business on social media, through text, or on a search engine.

A great website contains everything consumers should know about the business. As an experienced website design company in St. Albans, we build sites optimized for conversion. This means that when prospects visit a website after coming across ads or social media posts, they have a high likelihood of taking action that wins sales.

A website is no good if the target audience cannot find it, and that’s where our SEO in St. Albans comes in. Our search engine optimization service allows businesses to appear on the top pages of Google, which approximately 75 percent of browsers never scroll past.

Appearing on the first pages of search engine results also builds consumer trust since businesses that rank high organically are viewed as authoritative. Besides SEO, our listing management service also contributes to high rankings and an increased online presence.

Get Services Tailored to Your Business Needs

Digital marketing in St Albans can bring great results your way, but only when the services are targeted for your business. As a leading St. Albans digital marketing agency, we’ll take our time to understand your business before developing a custom advertising strategy tailored to your brand’s unique needs. Contact Maris Digital for the best full-service marketing agency for small & medium-sized businesses. Free consultation:

Digital Marketing St Albans

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Digital Marketing St Albans

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