Hashtag branding

Hashtag branding

Hashtag branding is nothing new to social media, but what is new is that business owners are beginning to identify and understand the intrinsic flaws of using hashtags for marketing purposes. If you’re currently using hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to reach customers, the good news is, you don’t have to make immediate changes to your campaign; the bad news is, if you plan to compete with other businesses in your sector, hashtags won’t be effective for much longer.

The Benefits of Branded Hashtags

Branded hashtags don’t usually work that well for small business owners because the hashtag you’re using to generate leads is being used at the same time by countless other businesses for the same purpose. Typically, it’s big-name corporations that benefit from the use of branded hashtags because their name is more easily identified with the hashtag they’re using. While bigger companies may have enough money to run a non-stop hashtag campaign, most smaller businesses are on a budget.

If you’ve tried a branded hashtag in the past, you may have noticed inconsistent results. You can spend more time and money on marketing efforts, but in the end, you’ll discover there are other more affordable marketing techniques available.

Are Hashtag Marketing Tactics Worth It?

The value of using hashtags for promoting products or services really depends on a couple of things. First and foremost, are you doing the work yourself or are you paying someone else to create your hashtag campaigns? If you’re a DIY promoter, you’re probably spending a lot of time creating niche add-ons for your hashtags; hiring a marketing company means paying someone else to do the work. In either case, you’re expending resources to use hashtags, a marketing tools that is often depicted as being ‘free’.

There’s another option; one you may not have heard much about yet- hashtag domains that you buy and own. You can purchase cheap hashtag domains on Hashtag.Space that can be incorporated into your marketing efforts in the future to bring new customers or clients to your website.

The Exodus to the Decentralized Internet

There’s a change taking place on the internet, although you may not know that it’s happening. As internet users are becoming more aware of the censorship taking place by ICANN, they’re beginning to move from the centralized Web to the decentralized Web- and it’s only the beginning. As the communist powers-that-be continue to push their agenda on the free world, more business owners and individuals will decide they’ve had enough, and make the journey, as well. Once enough people are using the decentralized internet, hashtag domains will start to come into play.

It’s Time- Create a Hashtag For Your Brand

Make your move to the decentrazlied internet now, while the most popular hashtag domains are still available. Securing your # domains means no other business can buy them out from under you or use your hashtag for promotional efforts.

The availability and affordability of hashtag domains on the Web 3.0 can be equated with .com domain names in the early days of the internet; once those were purchased, they were unavailable to other individuals and businesses unless they could afford to pay a premium to fore-thinking entrepreneurs who bought and held them. It’s the same on Hashtag.Space at the present time. You have a unique opportunity to buy your own brand or company name in the form of a hashtag domain, but there’s more to it than that.

Investing in Hasntag Domains

Hashtag branding is just the tip of the icebergs for investors, and the good news is, you don’t have to have a cororate-sized budget to get involved. Consider the cost of a typical marketing campaign for your business, and use it to purchase # domains, instead. Here’s what that might look like for your business:

– You have a budget of $2,000 for your marketing project

– $2,000 would buy 80 hashtag domains

– Create a free account on the Hashtag.Space website

– Make your first hashtag domain purchase your company’s name or brand

– Divide the remaining 79 # domains into must-haves, should-haves, and want-to-haves

– Research the most common keywords for the type of business you own; use multiple resources to find and purchase 40 keywords in the form of hashtag domains

– Think of past social media hashtag campaigns and hashtags that worked well for you in the past. Keep a running list of possible keywords and buy another 20 hashtag domains from your list.

– Over the next few weeks, write down any keywords you think will work as hashtag domains, and purchase them until you’ve expended your budget.

Creating a Passive Income on Hashtag.Space

Once you’ve reached your goal of buying 80 # domains, you can congratulate yourself on a job well done. You now own digital assets that will increase in value over time. You can choose to hold all of your hashtag domains and use them for future marketing campaigns with the knowledge that they’ll never decrease in value. Alternatively, you can make use of the auto-resell feature on Hashtag.Space and put some or all your domains up for sale; the process is easy and takes just a few seconds. Set your price, up to $1 Million, and wait for the right buyers to take an interest in your # domains.

Generating Interest Means Generating an Income

When you initially created your free Hashtag.Space account, you were assigned a personal referral link that can be used to bring others in to hashtag domains. Every domain sold under your referral pays 25% of the total sale amount. Start using your link in marketing campaigns, social media posts, blog content, website articles, textmessages, emails, and in other places where business owners might find hashtag domains valuable.

There’s a lot to learn about the decentralized internet and hashtag domains; you’ll find more information on the Hashtag.Space website. Feel free to contact Robert Bibb, CEO of Hashtag.Space at 1-304-933-1944 with any questions about how hashtag branding works. You’ll find more tips as you explore available resources on the site.

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